3D Scanning & 
CAD Services

  • Capture all measurements of a simple or complicated physical object small or large by 3D scanning 

  • Save time in the design process due to knowing the location of existing bolt holes, flanges, curves & various shapes or objects etc

  • Design the new parts accordingly & compare or Improve the scanned model to an updated version 

  • Scanning Rates

    • Starting at $70 USD or $110 NZD Per hour dependant on scan accuracy needed, Note extra fees can occur if the parts are not clean.

  • Engineering Rates

    • From $60 USD or $90 NZD Per hour dependant on complexity of the job.

Contact Us For More Info!

Contact us with photos of the parts you would like to Scan & Or Reverse Engineer and a brief explanation of what you project involves so we can work out a quote that best suits you.