3D Printing

Our 3D Printing Service began back in 2019 
With a range of in-house 3D Printing Options we can cater to your needs.


A little bit about the mothods we use below, Followed by some use cases and interesting 3D Printing Info.

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Yellow 3D Printed Shape

FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling

By far the most commonly used 3D Printing method, An FDM machine can quickly produce a prototype or end use part depending on application. 

- FDM leaves layer lines
- Can be sanded and painted

3D Printed Models

Resin Based Printing

Resin based printing is great when high detail needs to be achieved, For high quality prototypes displaying what the end use component can feel and look like. 

Resin printing can also be used when end use component's need to be manufactured.

Providing the correct High Grade materials are selected then 3D Resin printing can be implemented as a direct replacement for Plastic Injection Molding.

Application and Volume are important factors to asses when deciding between 3D printing & Plastic Injection Molding processes.


SLS - Selective Laser Sintering

SLS is a great method for durable end use parts, With various materials available SLS allows us to print parts with complex geometry. Also known as Power bed fusion which means during printing the un-sintered power is used as support structure as the part is built up layer by layer.Therefore leaving no undesirable support structure behind to cleanup.


Use Cases

- Quality Control Checking of manufactured parts

- Assembly Jigs

- Securing parts for post processing

- Design Fitment Validation

- Press Forming Jigs for sheet metal parts


Use cases for 3D Printing are almost endless. If you can think of it, its probably possible!

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 1.19.15 PM.png

Benefits Of 3D Printing

One of many great benefits with 3D Printing is that you can print very complex geometries providing the parts have be designed correctly to be produced with additive manufacturing, Internal cooling channels, Tight grooves, Lattice Structures, Generative Design parts and so on.

3D Printing is a great method to use when traditional manufacturing techniques cannot be used to achieve the final part due to complicated internal or external geometry.


IEE 3D Printed Objects

More 3D Printed example coming Soon!

IEE 3D Printing Services

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Print Technology

FFF - Fused Deposition Modeling

DLP - Resins

SLS - Powder







Nylon Polymer