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3D Surface Texturing

Alongside our end use Loctite 3D Resin printing services we also provide 3D Surface Texturing services in New Zealand and also Internationally.

What is Surface Texturing?
Surface texturing is when a texture such as noise is applied to a surface of a STL model.

Generally we like to receive a STEP file and then export a STL ourself where we then apply the texture.

Why use surface texturing?
For aesthetically pleasing components we use 3D Texturing to greatly improve the final look, as 3D Printing is prone to slight imperfections. Surface texturing does a great job in hiding these slight imperfection and gives a beautiful finish, much like an injection molded part.


More textures are coming soon, our current focus is noise texture.

Take a look at some of our projects we have been involved in below.

Extrusion End Cap Textured

Texture applied to a mouse. The STL file for this mouse is freely downloadable, we applied a texture for a beautiful finish. Finished project photos coming soon.

Mouse Textured
Mag Housing Textured
Twist Textured
Twist Texture Samples
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