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Blasting Services

IEE media blasting services has been operating since early 2020. 
We are proud to offer some of the best surface re-finishing services in New Zealand.


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Blasting Methods

- Dry Glass Media Blasting
- Wet Glass Media Blasting

- Sand Blasting

Use Cases
- Prep for Paint
- Polishing 

- Prep for Zinc Plating hardware

- Deburring

Dry Blasting

With this method we basically prepare the surface being blasted for whatever method of re coating the client desires.


Generally parts will be stripped and prepared for 

- Painting

- Zinc Plating

- 3D Prints can also be blasted in preparation for paint.


Wet Blasting

This method allows us to polish a surface. Generally used directly after Dry Blasting to achieve a beautiful vibrant aluminium shine, in most cases on old automotive parts during a restoration.

Our Equiptment

We run two seperate cabinets for our Dry & Wet Blasting Methods. 

Dry Blasting Unit

TecJet Bead Blaster

Internal Dimensions

110 L x 40 D x 50 H cm

Wet Blasting Unit

Wheelabrator - SupaBlast

Internal Dimensions

50 L x 50 D x 50 H cm

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