Brake & Clutch Hard Lines

Brake & Clutch Hard Line Options

Here we give 2 solutions, one is a simple bolt in solution, Keeps it nice and easy, no extra fabrication needed etc, or a self weld kit for the guys who want to DIY. 


Bolt In Solution ( This method uses a new Nissan part, meaning we must source the part first which could take a few weeks atleast, so email us first to discuss if you are happy to wait )

  • 1 x Brand New Nissan Brake & Clutch Vac Supply hard Line already adapted with our 90 Degree Formed weld on tubes.
  • 2 x Hoses
  • 4 x Hose Clips
  • Welded
  • Pressure / Vac Tested
  • Zinc Plated
  • Ready To Fit


Please understand we must go threw the below process to make this part.

We must Source/Obtain the OEM hard lines suitable for your model vehicle, Once received it must be Pulled apart, Cut, Modified/welded, Sandblasted sent away for Zinc Plating, Sent Back, Reasembled and then packed. 


Self Weld Kit

  • 2 x Raw Steel Formed Weld On Tubes
  • 2 x Hoses
  • 4 x Hose Clips

Brake & Clutch Hard Lines