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About Us

Finding Innovation in Every Turn

 IEE LTD is a family owned and operated business.

Owner and Operator Stefan Etter began the business in 2019, initially selling the IEE Drive By Wire System. Since then IEE has expanded with providing further specialised aftermarket components for Nissan Skyline GT-R and RB26, as well as now offering a variety of services.

Listed below are the services IEE can provide;


-3D Scanning


-3D Printing

- CNC Manufacturing

- Media Blasting

At IEE we focus on creating innovative products to share with our customers, as well as helping customers bring their ideas and designs to life.

IEE strive to achieve the highest level of communication and documentation with our customers to ensure projects run smoothly and timely. We are always happy to discuss with clients their individual requirements and how we can best provide a service that will deliver a solution. Although we are a small family business we pride ourselves in delivering top quality products and services, and have been involved in some unique and high profile projects.


Our Story

Owner and Operator Stefan Etter moved to New Zealand from Switzerland in 1993. A passion for working with machinery and performance vehicles is something he always prided himself in and had taken an interest to from a young age. His career began with gaining a qualification in the Transport Industry, as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic. After 6 years of working for AlTruck and Machinery services in Whakatane, Stefan took up the opportunity to move to Switzerland and lived there for 4 years. While in Switzerland he worked for Autotech Und Motorsport. His work consisted of daily drivers to exotics, where he then saw the need for special components on more and more projects being worked on. This is where his passion for 3D scanning, 3D CAD and 3D printing came about. Stefan spent many hours designing the IEE Drive By Wire System which is what made him create IEE LTD. Over the years of learning more about using 3D scanning, 3D CAD and 3D printing systems he wanted to expand IEE and its capabilities of providing a range of 3D services alongside the specialised aftermarket components for Nissan Skyline GT-R and RB26.

Since moving back to Whakatane, New Zealand, IEE has grown steadily. IEE is committed to providing professional and timely services to their customers nationally and globally. 

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